The Power of Books

There is so much power in a book. Perhaps one main reason why, we, humans were able to persist living in this world is because we preserve our ideas and pass them on to the next generations in the form of books. Volumes of information have been stored in books to compensate for the frailty of human mind in terms of storing a huge load of important memories. Books have been the human being’s tandem in the improvement of life.

       Power of Books Wonderful, tragic and inspiring stories of renowned people have been alive until today because they were fervently written and preserved in a form of books. The amazing thing about it is that the powerful impact of an influential person’s tale will always remain inside the book’s pages, no matter how old or new it is. The stories of wonderful people of the past have been sources of inspiration to some in the present. Their stories have compelled the present to further cultivate and influence goodness for the benefit of the society.

        During those years of our childhood, we have subconsciously developed our wildest imaginations through the wonderful tales contained in various children’s books. These stories have brought us to magical places and exhilarating adventures. The birth of our dreams and aspirations in life happened because of these fantasies that were written in every page of the book. More importantly, it brought out the true child in us. As young as we are way back then, we have been full of hope and positivity to face life because of what we have learned from every story that we read.

        Books have also been used to pass down instructions. From instructional manuals of a certain appliance or gadget down to cookbooks, they have been essential tools that enable a person to perform a task that he or she has never done before. The idea of education is perpetuated through books that are instructional in nature.

We started with simple books with pictures that help us interpret scribbles of letters into meaningful words. As we grow older, we have noticed that the number of words per page have become denser and more meaningful. As we grow and understand more about the things around us, books have been flexible in making us gain further knowledge to see the world in a better perspective.

Disciplines, such as engineering, marketing, pure sciences and arts, have evolved because of improved editions of books that possess several information directed into mastering the craft. Books have become established tools to sharpen each individual’s intellect and capabilities in understanding various phenomena and philosophical ideologies.

        Perhaps, we all agree on the fact that understanding more about life makes every waking moment a challenge. As we grow, we face a sad reality that each one of us must be strong in conquering every struggle that we encounter. Probably, there has been a point in our lives when we wish to become kids again, to be someone who does not worry too much about so many things in life.

For adults, books of inspiration have been made to revive the fire that was once lost. These have been the sword and shield for people who think that they are weak enough to fight for what they believe. These books have been a pill for every discouraged person to continue living the life that he or she deserves.

        In this modern age, books have evolved into something, which is not entirely physical. With the advanced technologies present, information that were once found in books now exist in the form of websites, electronic books, audiobooks and videos. Despite this change, the essence of these forms of books never change. In fact, they have become better versions in bringing out the best in every person who uses them.

        Truly, books have been a man’s great companion. Just like a friend, they have provided us with pleasure and relevant knowledge that we can use both in the present and in the future. A book is powerful enough to shape our character and perception in life. Given that idea, it is necessary to choose books that will help us reveal the good attributes in us.